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Some Quick Twitter Basics


Felt inspired and sent a coworker a few guidelines when she asked me what hashtags were. Here they are for your perusal:

  • Don’t use a symbol in a hashtag, like ”’” ”/” or ”-” because it breaks it. Example: “#ThatsWhatISaid vs #ThatsWhatISaid. The hashtag with the apostrophe is broken.
  • Don’t start a tweet with an @-username, or else only the followers you have already following that particular @-username’s account can see it. Example: “@WarrenBuffett said: ‘[MISC QUOTE].;” vs “.@WarrenBuffett said: ‘[MISC QUOTE].‘” One tweet has a period in front of the username so all followers can see it, even those who don’t follow @WarrenBuffett. The reason for this is when you start a tweet with an account’s username, Twitter treats it like a reply and hides it from most people.
  • Use spaces in between hashtags or @-usernames, or else they won’t work. Example: “#finance#business#wealthmanagement@WarrenBuffett” vs #finance #business #wealthmanagement @WarrenBuffett” The first tweet, none of the hashtags or hyper-linked @-usernames worked. The second time, they did, because there was a space in between each item.
  • Don’t be annoying and use too many hashtags. It looks spammy and cheap.
  • If you favorite and retweet other people’s tweets, that will make them happy. Do it strategically.
Some Quick Twitter Basics
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