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How to Download your Xbox Live Avatar to your PC

There are several ways to get an image of your Xbox Live Avatar on your computer.

Assuming you use your avatar in your Xbox profile picture, an easy way to download your Xbox user picture is use this these URLs:

Method 1 (Xbox One method):#

Since the launch of the Xbox One, you can now download a large resolution image by using this URL:


Here’s mine:


Note: This link won’t work for you if you haven’t set up a X-large version of your avatar picture yet.

Method 2 (avatar picture):#


Use your gamertag where GAMERTAG] appears in the URL above. For example, mine is:

https://avatar-ssl.xboxlive.com/avatar/davidvkimball/avatarpic-l.png (large)


https://avatar-ssl.xboxlive.com/avatar/davidvkimball/avatarpic-s.png (small)

Method 3 (avatar body):#

A way to get a full image of your Xbox Live Avatar is to use this URL:


Here’s mine:


How to Download your Xbox Live Avatar to your PC
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