Hi, I'm David 👋

I'm a marketing professional and content creator.
Nice to meet you!

Elevated Documentary

Elevated: The Development Story of Super Smash Bros. Melee, is a documentary I created which follows the creation of one of the most well-renown video games of all time. The video reveals everything we know about the Melee's development from conception to release. It has been praised by prominent members of the gaming community, including top live streamer Ludwig Ahgren, VGBootCamp president Calvin Lofton, and creator of the wildly popular The Smash Brothers and Metagame documentaries, Travis Beauchamp.

Elevated: The Development Story of Super Smash Bros. Melee


I was an active Twitch streamer and Discord Partner for five years, and am currently enjoying an ever-growing online community. Come join my Discord server where we chat about tech, games, what's new, and have chill voice calls. Oh, and we play a lot of Smash Bros. and Spelunky. We don't abuse @everyone; the ping is sacred.


Project Founder

I've created many projects, both for work, and for fun! While my limited free time only allows me to be involved in so many of the fun projects today, plenty have gone on to live a life of their own through other volunteer leaders and project managers.

What I’m good at:

Getting attention from the right eyeballs 👀 at the right time.
Digital Marketing Knowledge Written Example
Leadership Written Example
Communication Written Example
SEO Moz Certificate
Adobe Premiere Pro Video Example
Voice Over Talent Video Example
HTML & CSS This website, for example


I find solutions to complex problems.

Technical Liaison

I can bridge marketing and dev.

Quick Learner

Change management is minimal on my side.

No Fluff

Let's only measure what matters.


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