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RIP Windows Phone/10 Mobile/Whatever the heck it is


I’m fed up with MS… Ultimately their mobile strategy has failed. It’s pivot after pivot after pivot. Now I have to explain why anyone I got on the ecosystem has to uninstall their useless eBay app, or Amazon app, or why they still have to use the web for a non-third party YouTube experience. 

I guess it’s my fault for not seeing the failure sooner and sticking with it. Most friends that had Windows Phone devices have ditched them at this point, and now my parents are wondering what to upgrade to next and I hesitate completely from recommending the platform that they now know and understand. 

It’s pitiful how things have ended up. 

Until next time, Lumia fans. Lumia is dead, Windows 10 Mobile is basically dead. And this universal Windows platform stuff is set up to be failure story part 3. 

Edit: I really have more to say. 

I’m going to predict the responses: “David, how short sighted of you, don’t you know what they’re planning to do next?” And my response to that is: that’s always what we say. “Just look at Microsoft’s OneMicrosoft vision! I mean, yeah we’re failing left and right, but just imagine the comeback when [insert MS Mobile initiative here] ends up working and being adopted!”

Basically, no one adopts it, it’s just a flash in the pan, and then nothing.

RIP Windows Phone/10 Mobile/Whatever the heck it is
David V. Kimball
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