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Microsoft, I’m not happy


As a long time Windows user, Windows Phone user, and appreciator of “Metro UI” since it’s birth in Zune 30 and pseudo-death in Windows 10 Mobile, I’m feeling a bit lead on. 

What we have in Windows 10 Mobile is an absence of the core UI and UX principles that made Windows Phone 7 so great, and we’re left with a sorta-Android-looking Android-like-performing app-crashing OS that happens to have live tiles.

I’ve been one to support Microsoft and their vision, and I still am. However the “mobile first, cloud first” mantra doesn’t seem to be taking the effect I thought it would. It’s more like “cloud first, unless you’re a legacy OneDrive user, and mobile first, if you’re on iOS or Android.” 

After advocating for years for your products, I’m finding myself less and less likely to recommend the services and devices you offer. And that makes me very sad.

I hope you hear this and step up your game. Because a company that made products that I once loved is now creating mediocre products that have performance and consistency issues. 

I hope you change in 2016.



Microsoft, I’m not happy
David V. Kimball
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