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Windows 10 Tips and Tricks


What to do immediately after you upgrade (5 things)#

If you followed the steps in the video above, you should have been able to: customize your start screen, customize your taskbar and action center, customize Microsoft Edge browser, figure out how to pin important apps, files, and websites, and lastly discover how to use some of the great apps to which you have access.

Fix tile icons that are disappearing#

There’s a small bug where tiles will become blank. To fix this, just resize a tile by right clicking it, then resize it again, and your tile’s icon should be restored.

Save battery on your phone#

If you’re using a Windows 10 PC, you’re already receiving app alerts. So you can turn your phone on to battery saving mode and continue getting app notifications on your PC, while getting SMS and calls still on your phone.

Remove the “Get Office” and “Get Skype” “apps”#

These are tiles that are just links to download pages. They’re not actually applications. You can get rid of them by right clicking and selecting “uninstall.”

Utilize the touch gestures#

Like in Windows 8, the left and right edges of the screen work with a touch screen. You can switch between open apps on the left, and access the Action Center on the right, whether you’re in desktop mode or tablet mode.

Modify task manager#

By default, task manager is the abbreviated version. Click “more details” to use the traditional version of task manager. You can also set up startup programs from here to make your PC start up even more quickly.

Use task view and multiple desktops#

It might not be natural to you at first, but try them out. Force yourself to use them by choosing one app to run on a virtual desktop (like a music app), and start with that.

Use OneDrive on the web#

If you’re concerned about losing the “online/offline only” features in OneDrive from Windows 8.1, you can still access similar features by accessing OneDrive from a web browser. You can move files from a folder not on your drive to a folder on your drive via the web!

Windows 10 Tips and Tricks
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