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Content Creators: the Champions of DIY Marketing

I recently wrote about how [many industry practitioners overcomplicate marketing](https://blog.davidvkimball.com/bullcrap-marketing-doesnt-work-anymore).

In this blog post, I’d like to suggest that content creators are the best marketers.

They’re scrappy, experimental, early adopters, and know how to work the social platform algorithms in their favor. To be successful in their highly competitive space, they have to be.

Usually, though, content creators don’t have the budget to hire an agency or spend money on advertising to get their names out there. Instead, they rely on bootstrapping - leveraging all of their current resources and making the most out of them.

Whether you’re a cooking YouTuber who wants to share your recipes with the world or a software developer who wants to live stream your work, you’ll find yourself engaging in some DIY marketing to be successful.

Regardless of what kind of content creator you are - you have to touch marketing at some point. You’ll need to figure out how online platforms work, be comfortable with tech and software, and be bold to set yourself apart from the competition.

This kind of DIY marketing is what helps content creators understand not just the digital landscape they’re a part of, but their target audience and the value their content can bring them.

Why Content Creators are Inherently DIY Marketers#

As a self-starting, independent endeavor, the practice of becoming a content creator itself is DIY. Creating content is only valuable insofar as an audience can consume it - which necessitates the ability to market yourself or your content.

The most successful content creators are demand generation experts without fully realizing it. They are creating value for an audience that can’t get enough of what they’re offering.

Key Examples#

Some of YouTube’s most recognizable creators - Ryan Higa, PewDiePie, and Mr. Beast - these creators had incredibly humble beginnings using whatever equipment they had on them at the time.

Since then, creators like them own their own companies, hire their own production teams, and outsource lots of talent. But each of them started by putting in the work themselves and understanding how YouTube worked.

Even YOU Can Become a Marketer#

You may be thinking you don’t have what it takes - but you do! Many marketing tools and platforms out there have inexpensive or even free options to get started.

The beauty of digital marketing is how accessible it is. Anyone with access to a phone or PC can become a marketer - they just have to find out where all of the tools and best deals are.

I recently published CheapMarketing.io - a video course specifically for content creators who want to get started with building their brand, finding their audience, and launching their own website within 1 week.

You will learn a lot of the practical DIY marketing tips the most successful content creators have used to build, grow, measure, and win within their niche.

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Content Creators: the Champions of DIY Marketing
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