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The Story of Melee’s Craziest Speedrun (Documentary)


Join me as I uncover the secrets behind Super Smash Bros. Melee’s insane 100% speedrun category, All Trophies. We’ll hear from the category runners, ncb1221, bwells626, and aMSA as they share their experiences from the past several years of running the category.

To solve the mysteries behind this run, we’ll examine the category’s requirements, dissect the best route, and learn how to shave off time from the runners’ best practices. At the end, the current world record holder will share their most clutch moments.

What if you wanted to run this category yourself?

Route Notes

Route Checklist

Whether you’re thinking of running this category yourself or you’re just a spectator, hopefully you get value out of this post. Thanks for reading!

The Story of Melee’s Craziest Speedrun (Documentary)
David V. Kimball
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