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Charizard and Diddy Kong in Melee?!


Akaneia Build - Version 0.8 Update TrailerThe Akaneia Build - Version 0.8 Update Trailer#

This trailer, lovingly created in the style of Melee Special Movie, showcases the three new-to-Melee characters, Wolf, Diddy Kong, and Charizard, while also sharing the new costumes and game modes.

You can also hear a unique Star Wolf theme that was created by @Sarveproduction on Twitter and it sounds OUTSTANDING! It feels right at home in Melee.

Altogether a wonderfully constructed trailer that feels like it could have been made by HAL Laboratory in 2001.

Two New Characters Join the Fight#

Based on their Project M counterparts, Charizard and Diddy Kong join Wolf and the rest of the roster in the latest Akaneia build for Melee.

Of course they’ve been given the Melee design treatment to fit in with the rest of the cast.

Some liberties were taken with the special moves, like Charizard’s side B and up B, and giving him Rock Smash on down B. Diddy Kong’s side B is simplified to be more “Melee-like.” All-in-all, they fit in well.

Right now Charizard’s dash dance doesn’t rumble quite the way I’d expect it to - but UnclePunch and team are aware.

With that minor complaint aside, these additions are pretty cool.

New Costumes + New Game Modes#

A slew of new costumes are available for the whole cast!

Tag, All Star Versus, and Turbo Melee modes have been added to Melee’s new options under the added “Games” menu option. Note, these will not appear if you’re using Slippi.

Volleyball, Peach’s Castle, and Wolf got some tweaks also.

Wolf and Diddy Kong’s design are based on Smash 2‘s models.

Shout out to KTH, ConnorRentz, MaZone, Super4ng, Pik, and duccW, for their work on this update!

See the video at the top of this post to see the trailer they released for this update. It’s very well done!

* Edit, Team Akaneia on Twitter clarified that Project M was not used as a reference for the new fighters, rather they used official releases and tweaked based on their own preferences.

Charizard and Diddy Kong in Melee?!
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