What if Super Smash Bros. Melee had 6 more months of development?

March 19, 2022

What Might Have Been

For this video, I’ve combined some research from official sources like the Smabura-Ken websites, with the knowledge we have about what Sakurai would include in future Smash titles, and my own personal speculation to conjure up a more fleshed out version of Melee that keeps the core of the game the same, but adds in previously cut or partially completed content as well as net-new content, illustrating this through the works of many talented Smash Bros. modders.


Smabura-Ken (64)

Smabura-Ken (Melee)

Sakurai quote about considering Ayumi Tachibana for Melee

Elevated Melee development documentary

Relevant Mods

m-exTool (for modding Melee)

Brawl mods:

Project M / Project+

Smash Remix (Project M)

Smash 2

Smash 2 Omega

Melee mods:

Akaneia Build

Beyond Melee


Smash 64 mods:

Smash Remix (64)

Mods in Order of Appearance


Wolf by Team Akaneia

Charizard by Team Akaneia

Ayumi Tachibana by Lo-fi Robot Guy

Diddy Kong by Team Akaneia

Wario by Smash 2 Team

Sword Melee Ganondorf by Caleb Robinson

Custom Melee color palette swaps by Team Akaneia

Urban Champion model by Lo-fi Robot Guy (not yet released)


Melee-style Castle Siege by Anchorman

Sprout Tower by fluffy for Beyond Melee

Sector Z by Itaru / Steelia

Flat Zone II by Smash 2 Team, with a modified camera by soopercool101 via MarioDox

Minecart Madness by LlamaJuice, Nezha, DukeItOut

Unova Route 11 by Skeleton, with modifications by me

Secret Cave by Smash 2 Team, with some modifications by me

Summit by Smash 2 Team

Sukapon by MyDudeman222

Meteo (asteroid / Venom stage) by Smash 2 Team


Wario Land Stage Theme (HD Remix) by Video Games HD Remix

Star Wolf Theme by Seve

Battle Map 1 Theme (Fire Emblem) by TheRyanada

Dark World Theme by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra

Game & Watch: Octopus (Modern Remix) by XTProductions

“Main Theme” Ice Climber Remix by NoteBlock

The Girl Who Stands Behind, Game Music Graffiti

Boy Meets Girl by Moola Mixtape

Pokemon Wild Encounter Theme by The Noble Demon


Star Fox Adventures Fox McCloud voice pack by me, not released or finished

Star Wolf voice and Melee UI modifications by me, not released or finished

Sheik Harp taunt by the Project+ Dev Team

Star Fox final smash Landmaster by Smash 2 Team

Charmander by Nanobuds, Iwvi with custom animation by me

Star Fox 64 3D Wolf artwork by Ligoexe03

Kamek render by Nintega Dario

Skull Kid render by MatttGFX

Navarre render by Ambros489

Slippy model by Nick Bizzozero

Sukapon trophy by Fruit_Sauce

Little Mac Trophy Import by Fruit_Sauce

Foreman Spike render (unknown)

Chilly trophy by Fruit_Sauce

Tetronimo trophy by Fruit_Sauce

02 Trophy by Fruit_Sauce

Fire Emblem Unit trophy

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